What is your Black?

This blog is designed to delay into different aspects and uncover one’s self, one’s history, one’s pride, one’s future and oddly enough: one’s black and what it means to each of them.

Black can be associated with power, fear, mystery elegance, formality, death, aggression, rebellion, and sophistication. Regardless of the way, shape, or form, one can view these as part of the culmination of “black.” In fact, even from a color perspective, black is not only a necessity for all other colors to have depth and hue variation but also is the absence of color. Seemingly, one cannot exist without the other. It’s quite the commodore, yet the color itself is still associated with mystery and the unknown.

Being black is power, but let’s add being a woman to the factor as well. Women and girls also recalled being told that they were disrespecting authority for asking questions in schools. Black girls were often punished for vague things like “having an attitude” or “defiance.”

Starting in childhood, black girls are seen as “sassy,” or accused of having attitude problems, perceptions often rooted in stereotypes of the “angry black woman.” Taken together, these presumptions lead to black girls being held to a different standard and facing punishments for not fitting a specific definition. Yet, our style and culture are often “jacked.”